Sunday Soup for 2018

Happy Healthy New Year 2018!

As I walked out my door and about to exit my side gate, a penny caught my eye nestled in between the pavers...aye, heads’s down! “If you should find a penny face up pick it up for a day of luck, if you should find it face down leave it lay on the ground”.  So, in between the piles of snow, sleet and thousands of foot steps, I am waiting for it to flip, flip to Face Up!! In the meantime, to combat these frigid temperatures I am going home!


Home to my Caribbean country of Trinidad & Tobago (yes, two islands one Republic) and making what everyone asks about and has difficulty pronouncing, the name sake of the company...Sancoche (pronounced "sang-koch") as well as Callaloo.


Sancoche is a soup that has so many great memories for me growing up in the Caribbean and so many ingredients (you have never heard of) but it is well worth the effort - a split peas based soup containing taro, eddoes, pumpkin, plantain, cassava, salted pork, shadon beni, coconut milk, Caribbean pimentos, ochro (we say ochro, not ochra) to name a few (no dairy, gluten free).


Callaloo can either be a soup or a side dish that is served over rice with a size of stewed chicken or macaroni pie (our version of mac & cheese but better, ha! ). I will be trekking to West Orange to get my taro leaves for this soup. Callaloo is a bright green, blended soup made with taro leaves, ochro, coconut milk, and lots of seasonings. This soup is also made with crab or salted meats but I am keeping it vegetarian for my veggie soup'ers (no dairy, gluten free).


These two soups will give you a true cultural experience and have your tummies full and happy. These soups are the ones you dream about and wish you could get your hands on at a moments notice. I strongly suggest you get one or two of each and hide them in the freezer!


Looking forward to keeping you warm and happy through this winter!