Beef Borscht 

(meat based, gluten free, dairy free)

Originally from the Ukraine,  this soup is one of my absolute favorites. I first encountered this soup at a restaurant named The Olive Tree on MacDougal Street in NYC and fell in love. I actually had a bowl of our Sancoche borscht with my Dad for breakfast the first time we offered this soup. I assure you, you will LOVE it!

This soup is a definite meal and comes with a healthy hunk of homemade Bread. Beef based with roasted beets and cabbage gives this soup a touch of sweetness. But a generous splash of red wine vinegar gives a complex tartness as well. 


base ingredients

beef short ribs, smoked bacon, roasted beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, fresh dill, red wine vinegar and a whole lot of love.