Trini' Callaloo Soup

(gluten free, dairy free, vegan)


Callaloo is said to be the national dish of Trinidad, I personally think we have many national dishes. Trinidad & Tobago's cuisine with so many influences, is yet to be discovered in the US. Callaloo is a rich soup that can stand independently or complement any Sunday "lunch" or dinner. Lunch usually begins around 1:00pm and lasts until dinner, with family members "dropping in" for lunch at various times of the afternoon.

Callaloo is a vibrant green soup made with dasheen or taro leaves (similar to a combination of spinach and kale), okra, coconut milk, salted meat, or crab, pumpkin, garlic, and herbs. This version I will omit the meat and crab to make this soup strictly vegetarian. A locally made kitchen device called a "swizzle stick" (similar to a hand blender) is used to puree the soup. Every good Trinidadian cook has one! This is not a soup to be missed on these cold snowy days and nights.


base ingredients

in-house veggie stock, dasheen leaves (also known as Taro Root leaves), okra, pumpkin, onions, garlic, pimento peppers (a mild hot pepper), chives, green onions, thyme, coconut milk