Sancoche Cooking Camp

The Sancoche Cooking Camp is offering one week of cooking camp for aspiring chefs. 

We are accepting a maximum of  eight (8) children for camp on a first come, first serve basis.


These camps are designed as cooking 'boot camps' for young people who are genuinely interested in the culinary arts. The camps are very intensive with a lot of instruction, personal attention, food and fun.


Camp date

August 26th - 29th Ages 9-13 (max 8 aspiring chefs)

What our week will look like



  • Camp Hours: 1:00PM-4:00PM please note that the time changes with each day)
  • Intro to knives, safety, knife skills, menu design, prepping for the week ahead.


  • Camp Hours: 1:00-4:00PM
  • 100% Meal Prep


  • Camp Hours: 12:00 Noon- 4:00PM
  • Field trip is still to be finalized. Hopefully it will be to America's Grow-A-Row in Pittstown, NJ. 
  • We will prep for an hour before heading out for our field trip.


  • Camp Hours: 12:00 - 5:30 PM 
  • Final Meal Production, Table Setting, Table Service, Staff Meal
  • Parent / Guardian dinner, arrival at 4:00
  • Show Time!

 Each child will be able to invite ONE special person to partake in our meal beginning at 4:00-5:30PM

More about this year's camp

This is my fifth year of helping children realize their love of food and their ability to know that they are capable of learning anything. 
  • Vivacious Vegetarian is our theme at cooking camp this year! 

  • Our family recently visited Sivananda Yoga Ranch in upstate New York where my brothers have been spending the summer working and yogaing. The food served at the Ranch is strictly Organic Vegetarian and I will tell you everything was so delicious and flavourful. There was not a moment that I thought "Boy, I could use a juicy steak right now!" actually quite the opposite. And with one of my daughters being just about 100% vegetarian, it has inspired me to search for foods and recipes that are more than just being side dishes, but the main focus of the meal.
  • At cooking camp your children should expect to learn • knife skills and safety • food safety • food prep • menu design • plate design and garnishing •  time management • table setting and service • teamwork • clean up, of course always part of my cooking camp.
  • I am working toward having our field trip for this year to be America's Grow- A-Row It will be our second trip to America's Grow a Row especially since our last trip was so rewarding and fun and hot! : ) At America's Grow A Row we will be working the land and harvesting fruit and/or vegetables. All of our hard work will help to feed thousands of people since Grow-a-Row donated over 1.5 million pounds of fresh produce in 2017 and the list of their accomplishment in education, donation and community outreach is astounding. All because one day Mr. Chip Paillex planted too many tomato plants on his tiny plot and had an over abundance of produce. He saw a plea from The Flemington Food Pantry requesting gardeners to bring any excess produce to the Food Pantry. So in 2002, Mr. Paillex donated 120 pounds of fresh produce that year.
The rest is history.
Here's to the power of ONE!

Previous campers

If your child has taken my camp previously I am sure they have been taking detailed notes since last summer with food entries, recipes, questions, plate designs and everything food (wink-wink). This years camp will be distinctly different from last years camp in both the overall focus and types of foods and also the field trip. 



I am providing a snack each day that your camper is with us. I try to change things up a bit and give them food experiences, so please ask your children to be open to trying new and exciting food experiences. This is a big part of this camp - trying everything!



Cost for the Sancoche Cooking Camp is $375 per child which includes snacks each day, ice cream, juice & water for our field trip and a meal for ‘a special person’ on our last day of camp.



After purchasing a camp for your child, you will be emailed a camp waiver/registration form, which must be completed to attend the camp.  


I cannot wait to cook with your child/children this summer!




With Vivacious Vegetarian in mind think grilled asparagus with a hollandaise (a mother sauce) drizzle or an grilled heirloom tomato & fresh cherry salad in a tomato essence broth, fresh fruit hand pies and grilled and caramelized peach ice cream. 


I am a classically trained in French cooking so our focus will be working with fresh food, grilling techniques, the five Mother sauces and the basics of French cooking as a foundation. Students will have ‘homework’ and some Internet research during camp (trust me, they will be excited to do this homework). 


Sancoche Cooking Camp will be held at my HOME in Berkeley Heights. After all, Marcella Hazan (the famous Italian cookbook author and teacher) began giving cooking lessons in her apartment in New York City. And so did Patricia Wells (another cookbook author and teacher) who opens up her farm house in Provence each summer for cooking classes. 


This year, I am excited to have my daughter Lucia as my assistant who is going into her Junior year of high school while attending UCVTS in Scotch Plains. Her focus is Culinary Arts and Hospitality. She recently returned from a cooking camp at Drexel University so she will be sharing some of what she learned.